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http://www.evcilbahce.com/bb/36/trucchi-per-opzioni-binarie.html trucchi per opzioni binarie For a taste of what to expect from the Slice of Life Project, check out this video with photos from past participants of the Slice of Life Project. During the class, the participants discovered what mattered to them most and found ways to photograph their everyday lives in artful ways. All of the photos in this video were taken by them. This is THEIR Slice of Life.

opzioni binarie uscita What people are saying…

http://decowin.be/mw/270/tradersmarter-video-opzioni.html tradersmarter video opzioni The Slice of Life Project was one of the best things that I have done for myself lately, hands down. Not only does Darrah have a remarkable talent for taking photos, she also has a gift for helping you open your eyes to what’s important in your life. She helps you see the beauty in chaos. She helps you see the bold color in your day-to-day. She has an encouraging, gentle & loving teaching style that leaves you smiling & believing in yourself. It’s funny, it would be 3am my time when the course would come in via email every week. More often than not I would be up with my littlest one, trying to get him back to sleep. Sometimes, when I am rocking him back to sleep, I will use my phone to try to keep myself awake, I was always thrilled to see her lesson come in. After I would read the lesson I would be bursting with so much inspiration, unable to sleep, wishing that the sun would hurry up & rise so I could start snapping photos.

robot affidabile per opzioni binarie The Slice of Life Project not only showed me a different way to find & photograph the beauty in my life but it enriched my life as a whole. Darrah has a gift & I am so glad she is sharing it with the world, I urge you to let her give it to you.”  http://www.jaleh.de/or/19/binre-optionen-strategie-fr-anfnger.html binäre optionen strategie für anfänger ~ Amanda, Kind Over Matter

“I just wanted to express my gratitude and thanks for this great class. http://blog-haus.net/oe/10/testsieger-binre-optionen.html testsieger binäre optionen I have searched for my creativity and I think I have found it. Taking photos of simple ordinary moments helps me to express my thoughts, my hopes, my gratitude, my passion. It helps me to reconnect to me, the part that has been on the back burner for the past 18 years of childrearing and life’s busyness. Finding and discovering that part of me that dreams and hopes, believing that I can (again) work on achieving my goals as I still care for and guide my family has made me feel whole again. I have learned about vulnerability and that life has hardships and bumps but it also has such peace and simplicity that I choose to ground myself in those simple ordinary moments each day. Through this class and learning to photograph those I am more mindful of those moments and find myself wanting to photograph them. Thank you Darrah.”
negoziare opzioni binarie broker ~ Patti

“Slice Of Life opened my eyes to a lot of things. http://elisemay.com/bd/10/il-trading-di-opzioni-binarie.html il trading di opzioni binarie It changed the way I look at things, and because of that I find myself feeling happy about the smallest of things and at the most unexpected moments. It taught me to be more spontaneous with the camera. It helped me look at light better. Everyday, when I drop off my daughter at play-school, I find myself drooling over the light falling on a fruit vendor’s bicycle. But the most important thing that happened to me was that it made me realize how happy photography is making me, and because of that I am able to deal with some other not-so happy stuff in a more controlled and dignified manner. Thanks for creating Slice Of Life, Darrah. It works because you are doing it from your heart.”  http://www.funatics.de/oa/27/490.html binäre optionen broker erfahrung ~ Bhupali

“Anyone with a camera should consider this course. Whether you have a simple point and shoot camera or a fancy DSLR, the wonderfully written materials help you http://www.dr-riffel.de/oo/77/1313.html binäre optionen langzeittest focus on seeing the beauty in the everyday moments around you. Darrah’s personality shined through in each email and it felt like a journey with a friend.” http://creditsmartrepair.com/bx/33/opzioni-binarie-e-tasse.html opzioni binarie e tasse ~ Tammy Lee Bradley, founder of www.mortalmuses.com

“The Slice of Life Project was amazing. It pushed and stretched my photography in ways I never expected…In six short weeks, I learned so much about photography and myself. The most amazing moment came when I sat back and looked at my pictures as a whole, and realized that I really do have a great life!

Thank you Darrah for your amazing course! http://www.jaleh.de/or/13/signale-fr-binre-optionen.html signale für binäre optionen I am a better photographer, and possibly a better person having taken it.”
bdswiss opzioni binarie truppa ~ Krista

“My perspective of photography itself changed. I was under the impression that photography was beautiful pictures of the world and people outside of my realm of life. I truly didn’t think that my everyday life could be considered worthy of photography. Not that I didnt love my life and world, it just seemed like boring routine everyday stuff, that everyone does. SOL truly inspired me to live my life and enjoy the beauty of lifes everyday moments and of me…and I found there is so much of it!!! During the class I learned to capture beautiful moments of my family and my life. It was such a blessing to be part this enriching experience. I cannot wait to continue sharing the joy and happiness this class brought to me and all the wonderful photos I have taken and plan to take in the future! This class is so much more than a photography class!” ~ Ashley Q.

“When Darrah first told me her seedling idea for a class called Slice of Life I was thrilled. “Oh!” I exclaimed, clapping my hands, “It’s photography for the rest of us!”

Slice of Life provided a safe haven for me to get my feet wet in the world of photography. The lessons were practical and inspiring, and I learned both how to “see” my life, and how to capture it with the click of a shutter. I took the course with my 12 year old daughter, and felt honored to learn what she valued most as she showed me her world through her own lens. Through Slice of Life, she discovered a passion for seeing life through the viewfinder; and I learned more about this mysterious, beautiful creature who’s growing up besides me.

Darrah’s warm teaching style and photographic know-how will gently encourage you to slow down and notice what Mary Oliver calls ‘your one wild, precious life.’” ~ Rachelle Mee-Chapman, Magpie Girl

“I feel like I broke through a lot of self-created baggage and came to a much better place. It obviously worked, because my husband said, “You are suddenly having so much fun with your camera.” I thought a photography class would be about the camera, the other people, light and composition and all the rest. Only this week did I realize how it is so much about me and provides a rich opportunity for personal growth. Thanks for guiding us.” ~ Marcia

“I am so amazed at how much work you put into each and every post – thank you so much! They’re informative, inspiring and very funny!! Great job!” ~ Jackie

“Thank-you, Darrah, for sharing your love of photography and the world around you. Giving us ideas, inspirations, and sharing your personal thoughts and ideas has been a wonderful experience. The Slice Of Life group was filled with such great people, with so many different ideas, backgrounds, and keen perspecives. Thanks to everyone for sharing, and thanks Darrah for helping us to see outside of our life-boxes, and the view finder!” ~ Cheryl

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