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broker opzioni binarie regolamentati Darrah took the best photographs of my life. I’ve had big time photographers take my picture and I hated them all. Darrah changed all that. Not only do I love my pictures but I gained huge insights into my brand and what I love to do. strategia opzioni binarie a 1 giorno Life changing! here ~ Jennifer Louden, best-selling author and creator of the Savor & Serve Experiment




“Having a baby was the most magical, surreal experience of my life, and while my husband and I had big plans to document it from start to finish, we were so completely overwhelmed with actually LIVING the moment that we barely took a moment to capture any of it. I’m so happy I’d arranged beforehand to have Darrah come snap some intimate photos of my new family at the hospital, because she took all the pictures I had wanted and didn’t have the time (or, honestly, the talent) to do myself. She was so unobtrusive that I look back on the photos now and can’t even remember her taking some of the shots she got. go to link The images she took of my little Everly in her first few hours will be treasured forever–what they say is true, and you do forget how tiny and precious your babe once was. Make sure to get photos of every beautiful stage along the way!” http://decowin.be/mw/165/ahold-opzioni-binarie.html ~ Chelsea & David

“My website is how I introduce myself and my work, so it was important to me that my photos represented me well. After seeing the results of Darrah’s session with Jen Louden, I knew I had to work with her. She cared about what I wanted to convey and since I had never done anything like this, she made sure I knew what to expect. I expected it to go smoothly, which it absolutely did. But I didn’t expect it to be so fun! migliori broker di opzioni binarie I felt at ease the whole time, and the photos are great!” http://jonmcculloch.com/or/89/opzioni-binarie-strumenti.html ~ Andrea Lewicki, The Lewicki Agency



“I never really intended to hire a photographer to take family pictures, but we found ourselves with tons of pictures of our daughter by herself, and almost none of the whole family. Darrah’s “Slice Of Life” approach seemed like it might work for us, as we didn’t really want posed shots – we just wanted to try to go site capture our life as it is right now. Our only real concern was how our daughter would react. She can be very shy with people she doesn’t know, and we wondered if how she would react to having a stranger taking pictures of us. Darrah instantly dispelled our fears. She was incredibly discreet, casual and open, and our daughter quickly warmed to her. get link In just minutes she was laughing, playing, handing Darrah toys, and even posing for the camera. We were amazed! When the pictures came back, we were thrilled beyond words. Darrah has an incredible eye, and has ninja camera skills. http://www.fabgithaca.org/mu/opzioni-binarie-con-i-satoshi She captured some wonderful images that far exceeded our expectations. We’re very much looking forward to working with her again.” trading opzioni binarie nell'islam ~ Darin & Jessica

“What a delightful experience it has been to work with you. I’m really happy with my pictures— http://gunaydinet.com/pi/84/opzioni-binarie-strategia-indicatore-momentum.html I finally have photographs that feel like “me” and that I’m proud to show others! binary options charts free ~ Gail





“Darrah, the photos you captured shortly after our boys birth are truly works of art. You tell the story of this remarkable day in our lives (and now his) so beautifully that every time Emily and I look at the photos or share them with someone new we start to tear up with joy. You have a gift to also tell your own story with your incredible eye, immense heart and love of what you do. You don’t have to be a photographer or artist to feel the essence in your pictures – you just need to be human – because you capture humanity in all its splendor. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” ~ Josh & Emily



“I just checked out the photos and I’m in awe. I’m beyond awed, they are so lovely!!!! I could not be more thrilled. Wow! You are an artist!!!!” ~ Arianne





“I was impressed at how professional she is, she communicates clearly and frequently, sets reasonable deadlines and meets demands efficiently. Her photos reflect my personality and the colors of the environment framed the mood I was trying to express through the music I had released. Over the years as a musician I have hired over 10 photographers and Darrah is the only one who captured my artistic vision, delivered the product in a timely manner, and was easy to reach, schedule appointments and was a pure joy to work with.” ~ Tai Shan, musician



Not only are Darrah’s photographs incredible art, Darrah herself is a joy to work with. Her presence is calm, gentle, kind. She blends right into our activities so that we are all unselfconscious as she photographs us and the details of our daily lives. Whether she is directing us into a more formal pose, or quietly capturing a moment of action or pensiveness, she feels like a part of the family. I would not hesitate to hire her to photograph any special event, time of life, or ordinary day.” ~ Debbie



“My husband and I hired Darrah to take some photos of us as newlyweds celebrating with our families, who flew from all over the country to Seattle. Darrah is great at making her subjects feel at ease and using clever tricks to capture candid moments. Her eye for detail and emotion and color is fabulous!” ~ Emily




“Her professionalism, expertise and comfortable vibe was so refreshing and she allowed me to simply ease into “me” and act natural in front of the lens. I don’t consider myself to be the most photogenic/model type, but by the end of our work together I have to say that my fears about just getting photos of me and comfort with my appearance, look and what have you, were dispelled from my mind. I recommend Darrah to everyone I meet now who needs photos, she simply is the best photographer I’ve had the pleasure of working with hands down…and God willing – maybe the only one I hire for my photo needs for years and years to come. Thank you Darrah for letting my spirit shine in our photo sessions and in the final products – your photos are simply beautiful!” ~ Josh Rawlings, musician


“Each time James and I look through our galleries we both are awed with your work. Not only did you capture every nuanced emotion but even things that I had forgotten. (Seriously, my bouquet was gorgeous! How did I miss that?) You were this incredible combination of stealth ninja and Wedding Whisperer all at the same time. You captured some of our most intimate wedding moments, but yet were so unintrusive.

As James and I look through our photos we can’t keep ourselves from smiling and tearing up (ok, I can’t keep myself from tearing up). In 50 years, as I am looking at the photos with my future family, I know they will be able to feel all the joy – every emotion – because you have sealed them in every photograph.

Thank you for following your bliss and becoming a photographer. I cannot think of a more wonderful gift to those of us who are lucky enough to be photographed by you.” ~ Mary & James