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And so it begins…

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short term loans glen ellyn il Have you ever asked yourself how you ended up where you are? Or wondered where the time went? Or if it’s too late to reinvent yourself? Have you ever driven yourself crazy with the “Shouldawouldacoulda” and “If only” thoughts? Here are a few of mine:

duo loan netherlands If only I had time to be creative.
If only I could quit my day job and be an artist.
If only I had space in my house to be creative.
If only I worked for myself and could hold meetings on my porch or work on projects at my favorite coffee shop.
If only I could be a wedding photographer or a food photographer.
If only I had a nice camera, then I’d be really good.
I could have been an actor if I had put my mind to it.
I should have stuck with drawing. If I had, I would have been really good. And could have maybe, possibly made a living at it.
I shouldawouldacoulda made a living as an artist, but I don’t really know what kind of artist or where to begin.
I shouldawouldacoulda made a living as an artist, but now it’s too late.

These are just some of the thoughts that have whispered in my ear over the years, sometimes more loudly than other times. Recently, the whispers got so loud that I could ignore them no longer. And a few daydreams popped into my head that for whatever reason seemed doable:

payday loans elvis presley Wouldn’t it be cool if I actually DID IT? Why not?
Wouldn’t it be cool if I made a commitment to finding my creative voice? Why not?
Wouldn’t it be cool if I envisioned the creative life I want and took steps towards making it happen, one small step at a time? Why not?
Wouldn’t it be cool if I didn’t worry about the goal and just enjoyed the process? Why not?
Wouldn’t it be cool if I could connect with other people who are on the creative path, looking for where they belong? Why not?
Wouldn’t it be cool if I chronicled the process in a blog? Why the heck not?

http://strikemag.org/pp/33/569.html m lhuillier quick cash loan Which brings me here. To a new inspired and hopeful place. Where the “Shouldwouldacoulda’s” and the “If only’s” have lost their voice and have been replaced with “Wouldn’t it be cool if’s” and “Why not’s”.

http://haflingersport.se/pq/63/1095.html self employed payday loans uk So pull up a chair, grab a tasty hot beverage, your comfiest slippers, and your beautiful imaginations. And join me on this journey. I think we’ll discover that we’re not alone in our hopes, dreams, and fears.

Let’s begin.

What are your “Shouldwouldacoulda’s” and “If only’s”? How do you work through those doubts? And how are you turning your “Wouldn’t it be cool if’s” into reality?