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for the love of feet

tip-toeing through monet’s garden

I can’t tell you how happy I was when today’s prompt at Shutter Sisters was about feet. Kristin exclamed at the beginning of the post that she is “forever fascinated by feet shots.” ME TOO! On my recent trip to Paris, despite being surrounded by the most beautiful architecture, food, art, and glorious light, I found myself constantly looking down. I am always fascinated by small details – the things that may normally go unnoticed. When I go to a play or watch a movie, I often watch one actor or focus in on just their hands. That’s what I find interesting. The same goes for photography. I’m most excited about what’s happening on the outskirts and finding the beauty in unexpected places.

When I was in Paris, I think I took just as many photos of feet as I did food. The shoes were AMAZING. And besides, I think what people wear on their feet says a lot about their personality. Here are some of my most favoritist Parisian tootsies.

**These stylish kicks belong to my nephew. Don’t you just want to bite ‘em?**

slice of life tuesday: i heart the farmers market

Welcome to Slice of Life Tuesday! Every Tuesday, I post photos that I took the previous week and ask you to do the same. These photos are taken at ordinary moments. No fancy photo shoots. No fancy editing.The point is to make time for creativity in our daily lives just for the joy of it and without the burden of excuses. So grab your camera and carry it with you around the house or while you’re running errands and snap a photo of something that catches your eye. Who knows? That one photo may spark your creative spirit!

Have I told you lately how much I love the farmers market?

Well, let me tell you: I love the farmers market.

It seems to me that the farmers market represents all that is right with the world: good, dependable people, beautiful colors, and delicious food that the good, dependable people grow on land near your home. You can’t get much better than that.

As the seasons change, the good, dependable people remain (because…you know…they’re dependable), but the colors and food and flowers change.
On this visit, I was greeted with the fortunes of fall:
apples, rainbow chard, potatoes, eggplants, colorful carrots…

…not to mention a few surprises, including a dual-purpose stroller, overflowing with goodness and a new furry friend basking in the sun.


 You never know what you’re going to see at the farmers market –
and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This week, grab your camera and head to the farmers market or your local supermarket or even your own refrigerator and celebrate the beauty that fills your belly every day!
Please let me know if you participate in this challenge and
post your findings in the comments below.
Happy shopping, everyone!

the tightrope

Most people she never tells about the tightrope because she doesn’t want to listen
to their helpful comments from the ground. 

~ Story People ~