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december views recap

At the end of November, my friend Connie from Dirty Footprints Studio sent me a little note with a link to December Views. She said that this sounded like something I’d be interested in. Boy, was she right! I immediately went to Darlene’s website and signed myself up.

During the month of December, I limited my words (except for a few long and rambling posts) and focused my energy on photographing the world around me. The result was that I took a LOT more photos than I had in a long time and I started relying on the photos to express my mood instead of words. I posted more often and more enthusiastically. Looking back at these photos, I think I developed more of a point of view than I had before. I realized what I enjoyed photographing most: subtle details and finding the beauty in every-day things.

If this sounds familiar, this was the original premise of Slice of Life Tuesdays. Here’s an excerpt of the intro to each Tuesday post:

Every Tuesday, I post photos that I took the previous week and ask you to do the same. These photos are taken at ordinary moments. No fancy photo shoots. No fancy editing.

After this transformative month, there is no WAY I could limit myself to only posting Slice of Life photos on Tuesdays. NO WAY! So as I move forward, I will post Slice of Life photos regularly. This will be an exercise for me to continue to cultivate my point of view, and also to express my life visually. I will continue to include quotes that inspire me and music that moves me. And don’t you worry, I will also contine to share long and rambling posts. Because that’s just the way I roll.

And with that, I offer you a look back at December.

happy new year

Proof that:

a. I’m a woman of my word and I did, indeed, howl at the sky at midnight as discussed in my previous post.

b. I’m a big dork.

And with that, here is my gift to you:


 Happy New Year!

arms outstretched, howling at the sky

I’ve been struggling with what to write in my final post of 2009. I have been so inspired by the many amazing posts out there that summarize the past year and look into the future with great words of wisdom. Some people are sharing resolutions. Some people are setting intentions. Some people are writing beautiful letters to the universe. Some people are sharing a word they’ve chosen to guide them through the new year. I have chosen to do some of these things, but will keep them to myself for now. I am plotting and scheming and dreaming and am excited to share my plans with you when the time is right. And the time is getting righter and righter!

For now, I feel like celebrating! Instead of looking into the future, I would like to bask in this moment and acknowledge the journey I’ve taken this year. In order to do so, I thought I would share the three photos from 2009 that sum up everything that has happened. These photos represent the great joy, great change, and great possibility that life has offered me.

photo by daniel sheehan, a beautiful day photography

I also want to take this time to thank YOU, my readers, who welcomed me with open arms into the blog world this year. I feel like I have cheerleaders out there — kindred spirits on this creative journey. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Finally, I want to leave you with a little story. Today, on my walk around Green Lake, I witnessed a little girl ride her bike past me, howling at the sky, while her dad ran behind her – arms outstretched, also howling at the sky. After I realized it was her first time riding her two-wheeler on her own, I couldn’t help but join them and proceeded to howl at the sky.

And that is how I have chosen to enter the new year: arms outstretched, howling at the sky.


P.S. A big thank you to Darlene for hosting December Views! Stay tuned for a fun photographic recap of my month in photos.