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slice of life tuesday :: abundance


Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.

~ Wayne Dyer

Lately, I’ve been photographing collections of things and have been aware of the abundance all around me. It’s easy to live from a place of “lack,” always wishing I had more: more money, more clothes, more food, more…you get the picture. But when I look around – I mean REALLY look – I am aware of the abundance and beauty that exists in my life.

This week, as you carry your camera with you, notice the abundance in your world. Perhaps you have a collection of figurines on your windowsill. Or maybe you pass a gaggle of children on your way to work every day. (I just wanted an excuse to write “gaggle.” It’s one of my favorite words.) Or if you are anything like me, you have an abundance of shoes! Use your camera (or iPhone in the case of the photos I shared today) to celebrate and document the ABUNDANCE in your life!

If you would like to participate, you can join the Slice of Life Flickr group or post your photos on your blog. Have a great week!

slice of life :: style

Listen :: San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair) by Scott McKenzie

There are many reasons I love San Francisco. Perhaps it’s the amazing food in North Beach or the fantastic museums. Perhaps it’s the crazy zig-zag streets or the unforgettable architecture. But the main reason I love San Francisco is for the people who live there – the vibrant, colorful, artsy, stylish people.

I know this may be a generalization, but it seems that all of the people who live in San Francisco were born with a style chip in their brain. Everywhere I looked on my visit this weekend, I saw something I wanted to own – a funky hat, super-cool boots, fantastic jewelry. I love seeing people express themselves creatively and San Franciscans have found a way to do that with their clothing.

So for all you Slice of Life photographers out there,
your challenge this week is to photograph STYLE!

You can photograph your own style from your own closet or that of a friend or family member. Or if you’re stealthy like me, you can photograph the stylish people you see while you are out and about. The goal is to photograph the ways people express themselves through clothing and accessories.

What does style mean to you? If you would like to participate, you can join the Slice of Life Flickr group or post your photos on your blog. Have a great week!

meant to be

i think my face was frozen like that for days after my husband proposed.

For Your Listening Pleasure: Bashert by Jason Parker Quartet
(Note: Bashert is loosely translated as “meant to be” or “soulmate” in Yiddish.
Jason wrote this song for me only weeks after meeting me. He won MAJOR points for that!)


In January of 2008, Jason took me to San Francisco for the first time. On the drive from the Oakland airport to The City, we stopped at a toll booth on the Bay Bridge. Jason reached out to pay the toll and the man in the booth said, “Have you gotten her a ring yet?” He then asked to see our hands. I put my hand on top of Jason’s and there, on the Bay Bridge at 11:30 pm, the toll booth operator performed a ceremony, pronouncing that we were married. Seconds later, we drove away, giggling nervously and wondering if that conversation actually transpired.

Fast forward one year and Jason and I once again visited San Francisco. At 11:30 pm on January 14, 2009, as we pulled into the toll booth on the Bay Bridge, Jason asked “So what did that guy say last year?” To which I replied, “Have you gotten her a ring yet?” Seconds later, Jason said, “Do you think he meant something like this?” And a shiny box appeared.

Chaos ensued. Darrah started simultaneously crying and cackling. They pulled over, and with the bridge in the background, Jason asked Darrah to marry him.

Today, on January 14, 2010, we are travelling back to San Francisco as husband and wife. I can only imagine what will happen this time as we cross over the Bay Bridge. 🙂


I would be remiss if I didn’t send my thoughts out to the people of Haiti today. Seeing the images on television makes me want to hold tight to the ones I love. Our dear friend, David, whose mother and family live in Haiti, has been unable to get in touch with them. Feeling completely helpless here, he is travelling to Haiti today to try to find them and to lend a hand. In an effort to show his support, my husband is giving 100% of his CD sales through January 22 to Haiti Quake Relief. You can read more about David’s story and how you can purchase my husband’s music HERE. Every dollar will go directly to quake relief. Any donation amount is welcome. Of course, there are many ways to help. I hope you will consider showing your support in a way that feels comfortable to you.

Now, go and wrap your arms around your family and friends and tell them that you love them.