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my slice of life {from irene nam}

loan modification lawyers in miami “My Slice of Life” is a weekly series featuring photos, inspiration, and stories from a few of my favorite people around the web. I have always been fascinated by how people live their lives and the details that make them unique. Check back every Friday for a peek into the everyday lives of some fascinating people that I adore. I have a feeling you will, too!

http://bluecode.rs/px/166/2831.html guaranteed bad credit personal loan lenders Today’s guest is Irene Nam. I’m not sure how I first discovered Irene, but I’m sure glad I did. There are so many reasons I adore her. First of all, she lives in Paris. (I love Paris.) She’s an amazing photographer. (I love photography.) And she’s a Polaroid girl. (I’m a wanna-be Polaroid girl.) I asked Irene a few questions and if she would share some of her favorite photos and she said yes! Here is what she had to say… 

http://bnroptions.top What do you most like to photograph in your every day life? Why?

My sons are my inspiration. And even though I am now able to create a routine that revolves a little more around my work rather than school schedules, documenting my children’s daily life is still one of the greatest joys of mine.

ffel plus graduate loan type How do you stay motivated/find the time to pick up a camera when life gets busy?

I’ve learned early on that I work in cycles. Periods of intense work and growth movements are followed by periods of stagnation that involve doctor appointments and plumbing issues. And yet no matter how frustrating these moments are, and even if they often require of me that I put down the camera for a little while, I like to think that they’re the recharging part of my work, and usually announce the upcoming birth of a new idea that will excite me and propel me forward in my journey.

equifax auto loan originations Who/what inspires you?

Artists. Photographers. Movies. Change makers.

http://www.generalclad.com/pd/182/3177.html car title loan oregon What do you love most about “Slice of Life” photography?

That it validates the little things of life that I might tend to dismiss as trivial. And that my favorite images were taken within a 5 mile radius of home.

At the end of the day, I believe it all comes down to this: to live mindfully in the moment, to cultivate a sense of wonder, to place disproportionate value on rain puddles and batches of chocolate chip cookies, to find simple, truthful beauty in the comfort of my own home, and to remember the gift of all those perfectly ordinary days.

loans at home number About Irene:

http://www.edilsiderspa.it/pe/199/3465.html law school loans without cosigner

Irene is a writer and Paris-based Polaroid and child/family photographer.
She is also a contributing author at Shutter Sisters and the creator of
the Simple Soulful Photography workshop.
You can find her at
www.irenenam.com and www.irenenamphotography.com/workshop.

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justine gordon - December 10, 2010 - 1:38 pm

I did Irene's course, I love her work and found it really inspirational, what a great post.

bella - December 10, 2010 - 2:50 pm

Irene is a good friend who is a constant source of inspiration for me. Thank you for sharing a slice of her life.

stef - December 10, 2010 - 5:05 pm

i also took irene's class and I really enjoyed it and her! thanks for sharing!! xo

Irene - December 10, 2010 - 5:17 pm

thank you ladies! xoxo

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