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your slice of life :: reflections

http://www.cognac-lheraud.sk/ps/184/3189.html va home loans albuquerque I loved the conversation that got started after last Tuesday’s Slice of Life post. Clearly, this is a topic that resonated with a lot of you and deserves exploring even more. Photography is a great tool for seeing ourselves with honesty and kindness, whether we are in front or behind the camera. I promise more […]

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slice of life tuesday :: reflections

http://annkempster.com/pt/162/2825.html payday mobility loan phone number Sometimes I look in the mirror and I’m surprised by my reflection. I don’t know what I expect to see, but it’s not what is looking back at me. All too often, I have a knee-jerk reaction and before I know it, out flies a less-than-positive comment like, “I look SO tired..” or “I wish […]

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slice of life tuesday :: summer

how to calculate bank loan interest in excel Seattle is known for its cold, damp, rainy weather. For about nine months of the year, that’s exactly what you’ll find here. But we locals have a closely guarded little secret. We know that the summers here are magical. I’ve lived a lot of places and have suffered through many a hot and humid summer, […]

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