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slice of life tuesday :: autumn muffins

what does mortgage insurance cover on fha loan Have you been taking photos of all of your autumnal activities for this month’s Slice of Life challenge? I spent most of the week indoors, as it has been rainy and truth be told, my 9-month-pregnant body can’t handle much physical activity. I was really hoping to photograph the changing colors of the leaves or […]

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slice of life tuesday :: what does autumn look like to you?

ask for a loan “Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.” ~ Elizabeth Lawrence A lone orange leaf landed on my windshield a few days ago and I knew there was no more denying it. Autumn has arrived. Here in Seattle, summer was ushered out seemingly overnight with winds and rain. And now, we enter […]

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slowing down :: your september slices of life

http://svenskahaflinger.se/pa/183/3200.html installment loan for bad credit 1. Fall, 2. Sunrise in September, 3. Where I stand, 4. Never a ship sails out of the bay, But carries my heart as a stowaway. ~Roselle Mercier Montgomery, 5. Our New ‘Grandson’, 6. prairie time, 7. 3 waves, 8. Someone Is ticklish!, 9. You must have had a fun childhood, 10. my golden girl, […]

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