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the lattas | seattle maternity photographer

Katy and West have been friends of mine for years. I will always remember visiting them after they had their first child, Deva, and taking some of my first photos for my new photography business. A lot has happened since then. Katy and West moved with their newborn to Ireland and then back to Seattle. Deva is now four years old (and proud of it!) and their family is about to add a fourth very lucky member.

When I asked them where they like to spend time as a family, they told me Carkeek Park in Seattle. So that is where we did our photo session. I find it is always more comfortable for people to take photos where they feel at home and this family clearly feels at home by the water. And it doesn’t hurt that the Bubble Man showed up at the end of our session, which made for a very happy four-year-old (and a very happy photographer)!

I loved spending this magical morning with Katy, West, and Deva. I loved watching Deva build fairy gardens and imaginary worlds. And I LOVED when she directed one of our photos (see if you can guess which one was her idea.) Clearly, she is going to be an amazing big sister.

And can we just talk about Katy’s amazing henna tattoo on her belly? Seriously gorgeous.

Congrats, friends. I can’t wait to meet the newest family member. It was an honor photographing your family at this most precious time. xo

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celebrating 50 years | seattle family photography

I recently had the honor of photographing a beautiful couple who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, along with their children and grandchildren. I made sure to get a few group photos, but these are the moments that stood out to me the most – the quiet, intimate conversations, the small gestures, the shared laughs. This is what family is all about.

what doing the dishes taught me about beauty

“Fulfillment derives not from lofty achievements, but from ordinary feats.
It arrives not once in a lifetime, but every moment of the livelong day.”
~ Karen Maezen Miller, Hand Wash Cold: Care Instructions for an Ordinary Life

Sometime in my mid-twenties, I had a shocking realization: I was going to have to wash dishes for the rest of my life. It should be noted that washing the dishes is one of my least favorite things to do, with doing laundry and cleaning the toilets running close behind. I was living by myself for the first time so I didn’t have any roommates to worry about. It was just me and my mess. I had been doing dishes for years, but the thought of the never-ending nature of them had never occurred to me. Until now. What a bummer.

Fast-forward a decade and I still stare down the dishes like they are my arch enemies. Maybe if I don’t look at them, they’ll go away. Maybe if I don’t go in the kitchen, they’ll disappear. But as soon as they are clean, they collect again, one by one, reminding me that avoiding them will just lead to the inevitable: a pile of dishes. A pile of stress.

Recently, I was washing the dishes in the early evening (probably grumbling or wishing I was on the couch) when I looked up and saw the light. It was pouring in through the window above the sink and blessing the walls of my kitchen with golden rays. My eyes danced as I followed the light to the wall behind me. And that’s when it hit me:

There is beauty to be found – even when I’m washing the dishes.

I’m glad I came to my senses and opened my eyes. I may never make peace with having to wash the dishes for the rest of my life, but I can make peace with washing the dishes today.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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